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About Us

Pacific BioPharma Logistics, Inc. (PBL) is located in the Greater San Diego Area.  We are the value leader providing support services to the clinical trial supplies market.  Our core focus is on GMP labeling, packaging, storage and distribution of FDA regulated clinical trial IP and materials for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Device Industries.  Our 25,000 sq ft secure facility is monitored 24/7.  It has been designed to quickly and accurately execute your clinical project. All GMP equipment is on a back up generator system.

Pacific BioPharma Logistics was founded in 2017 in Poway, nearby to the entire San Diego area biotechnology community. PBL is the foremost and most cost-effect provider of clinical trial material depot, packaging and logistics services, including: packaging, labeling, kitting, storage, distribution and returns/reconciliation. Our services support biotechnology, pharmaceutical, vaccine, and medical device applications.


PBL understands the customer focus, responsiveness and attention to detail required for successful clinical trial material logistics support. We can create customized Study Kit designs for all dosage forms, label and package clinical materials and store finished product at specified controlled temperatures. PBL ensures that clinical trial materials are reliably delivered to clinical sites worldwide through established relationships with qualified carriers.


PBL offers the highest level of customer focus, quality, reliability, responsiveness and cost effectiveness. PBL offers customized, tailored, solutions to match unique clinical trial needs. PBL supports studies from pre-clinical stage through to Phase III clinical trials. We are unsurpassed in our ability to assist small and virtual companies requiring third-party clinical packaging and logistics services.

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PBLI is lead by Pharma/Biotech Industry veterans who have managed hundreds of clinical projects.

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